Although the members of the TvT research team wish that such research was unnecessary (because trans and gender-diverse people were not targeted for murder), we would appreciate contributions of reports of murdered trans and gender-diverse people, transphobic murders and transphobic violence in general from countries in the six world regions. Therefore, the TvT research team asks networks, organizations and individuals to send reports of murdered trans and gender-diverse people to and that they participate in this ongoing monitoring and research project, so that the necessary data can be gathered to improve the situation of trans and gender-diverse people worldwide.

When reporting cases of murdered trans people, please provide as many details as possible. Below, we list the information and data that is especially useful for us:

  1.  the name of the victim (using, if known, the chosen name of the victim)
  2. the victim’s age and profession, and, if known, the victim’s self-definition (e.g. travesti, transwoman, FTM, genderqueer, etc.) or the local/indigenous term (e.g. muxé, kathoey, etc.),
  3. further identity aspects of the victim, e.g. person of color, migrant, homeless person etc. 3.) the date (day, month, year) when the murder took place.
  4. the place where the murder took place. Here we need two different kinds of information: first the general location e.g. street/public place/home, etc. and second specific data to map it on maps, e.g. street, neighbourhood-city-state-country.
  5. the cause of death (e.g. gunshot, stabbing, strangulation, etc.)
  6. indicators of possible hate crime, (e.g. perpetrator’s remarks/notes, signs left at the place of the incident, trans panic defense argumentation of the perpetrator, incidents preceding the incident such as victim receiving death threats, specific circumstances of the incident such as degree of violence, genital mutilation, undressing of victim, public humiliation, victim’s body found wrapped in pink plastic etc.)
  7.  information about the perpetrator such as identity, age, number of perpetrators, identifiers (e.g. hate group slogans/badges)
  8.  the source of information. If possible please give at least two sources.
  9.  furthermore, when possible, it would be very helpful if you could provide a context of the murder, as well as an indication of how the murder was treated judicially (reporting to police, community action, investigation, classification as hate or bias crime, prosecution of the perpetrator, etc.).

Please let us know if you want to become a sub-contracted partner organization of the TMM project and be responsible for the professional and regular monitoring of reports of murdered trans and gender-diverse people for a certain region or numbers of countries.