Posted on 9th November 2014 in Trainings

TvT Capacity Building Training in Mexico-City, Mexico The first TvT capacity building training in Latin America took place on October 26 and 27 2014, two days before the 27th ILGA World Conference in Mexico-City, Mexico. This TvT capacity building was also the first capacity building for trans and intersex people with trans and intersex activists and trainers and participants coming from all six world regions. Apart from TvT team members from the Philippines, Serbia, Thailand, and Tonga several scholarship holders of the 27th ILGA world conference have been invited, among them trans activists from Peru and Uganda, intersex activists from Germany and Taiwan, as well as trainers from Argentina, Germany, the Philippines, and the US. The training was conceptualized in an interactive way with several exercises following the inputs given by the trainers, which focussed on topics that were decided on before by the TvT team: legal gender recognition, depathologization, reporting and monitoring of human rights violations, advocacy against hate violence, and fundraising. At the same time parts of the event have been used for a training on intersex issues making use of the diversified expertise of intersex activists from Asia, Europe, and South America.