TvT Team Illustrations by Vaito'a

TvT Team • illustrations by Vaito’a


Lukas Berredo

TvT Project Coordinator

Born and raised in Brazil, Lukas has lived seven years in Chile, two years in China, and is now based in Berlin, Germany. He has been a sexual and gender diversity advocate and educator since 2006. In Chile, he founded the Support Group for Transmen, and soon became a board member of Movement for Sexual Diversity. In China, he started the student organization Diversity and co-founded TRANScending Borders.

Lukas has a BA in "Social Communication", a diploma in "World Politics", a Master’s Degree in "International Relations and World History" from The University of Nottingham Ningbo China, and a Graduate Certificate in "LGBT Health Policy & Practice" from the George Washington University.

As TvT Project Coordinator, Lukas supports the implementation of TGEU's work on a global level, in particular in the framework of the Transrespect versus Transphobia Worldwide (TvT) research project.

    Carter Honorée

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Africa

    Carter is trans man from Rwanda. A public advocate for trans and gender nonconforming persons in Rwanda, he has been involved in the Rwandan LGBTI community since 2008.

    Carter has worked as the project manager for RIFA (2014-2018), an LBT/SW organization that works for improved health, rights, and protection for lesbians and bisexual women, trans persons, and sex workers in Rwanda.

    Some of his other work includes coordination and facilitating a focus group discussion and interviews with intersex, trans, and gender nonconforming individuals for research that was conducted by UHAI EASHRI (East African Sexual Human Rights Initiative) in Kigali-Rwanda, and was a part of the Task Force that was in charge of developing the theme and agenda of the Changing Faces, Changing Spaces (CFCS) 5th and 6th conference (Pan African LGBTIGNC event).

    Currently, he is the Executive Director of Rwanda Gender Pride, a trans-feminist and gender nonconforming organization that empowers and advocates for the acknowledgement of the intersectionality between feminism and trans and gender nonconforming activism and the recognition of the 3rd gender, rights, and freedom of trans and gender nonconforming individuals in Rwanda. He is also part of the ITF Grant Making Panel (International Trans Fund), a trans activist fund that works to create sustainable resources for strong trans-led groups.

    Carter holds a bachelor degree in Accounting/Management and Economics, and has completed a master’s course in International Relations and Diplomatic Studies.

    Islèm Mejri

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Africa

    Based in Tunis, Tunisia, Islèm Mejri is an LGBTQI+ activist. They have been advocating for LGBTQI+ rights and equality on the national as well as the international level. They’re also a board member and a project coordinator for the Tunisian Coalition for LGBTQI+ Rights. Additionally, Islèm has been working on advocacy planning and coordination, in partnerships with civil society organisations.

    As a psychology student and a recognized LILO counsellor, Islèm has been using their knowledge in Psychology to provide counselling and active listening sessions to LGBTQI+ individuals, victims of violence and violations, to help them start their healing journey. They have also been developing multiple projects and activities, especially in capacity and community building to settle a healthy culture of SOGIESC. In addition, Islèm is a professional trainer and facilitator on multiple topics, such as M&F sexual assault, Advocacy, UPR mechanism, and other fields.

    AR Arcon

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Asia

    AR joined the trans movement in 2011, the time when he also started identifying as a trans man. He founded the first support group for Filipino transmen in the Philippines (PFTM), which has now become a nationwide organization. He is also the current Chairperson. With his leadership, the organization has focused on positive trans men visibility, SOGIESC and HIV education, trans health, gender equality, and Human Rights awareness.

    He sits as Treasurer and Board member in LakanBini Advocates Pilipinas, the national trans Network in the Philippines, and as Trustee in Metro Manila Pride, the group who organizes the annual LGBTQI+ Pride Marches in the capital. He is also a volunteer artist for Amnesty International.

    He has a university degree in Computer Science, and is licensed as a Microsoft Certified Professional. A painter and visual illustrator, his passions are architecture, history, and culture. AR is also an avid traveler and mountaineer.

    Simran Shaikh

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Asia

    Simran is a Hijra (trans woman) who has dedicated her professional life to human rights advocacy. She has been a pioneer in India in raising the issues of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in the context of trans and hijra communities. She is a strong advocate for Right to Health for all, and has developed the capacity of community-based organizations (CBOs) and networks that work for PLHIV and gender diversity.

    Simran has been a consultant to national and international organizations on issues of gender and sexual minorities living with HIV, and intends to continue her work on health and human rights for the most marginalized communities in the future. She is also a former UNAIDS Programme Coordinating Board Member from Asia Pacific region (2015-2016).

    A graduate from Mumbai University currently pursuing her PHD in Trans Physiology, Simran works with India HIV/AIDS Alliance in New Delhi as a Project Lead for the Wajood program, an initiative supported by Amplify Change that aims at strengthening the sexual health of trans community in six sites and five states of this country. She is also the project lead for the Prayas program, a research-based intervention on awareness and preparedness of PrEP among trans women in India supported by ViiV Health Care foundation.

    Apart from her routine work, she is also the president of Impulse India (supported by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation), and also leading a chamber of commerce for LGBTQI in India (creating entrepreneurship).

    Timofey Shenker

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Central Asia and Eastern Europe

    Timofey Shenker is from Kazakhstan and has been a trans activist since 2010.

    Timofey is a co-founder and member of ALMA-TQ Initiative Group, a trans-led grassroots initiative, where he works in the field of trans advocacy, trans community building, and empowerment of LGBTIQ activists since 2014. His activities include monitoring, documenting, and reporting on human rights violations, hate crimes, hate speeches and discrimination against trans people in Kazakhstan, researching on the local situation on trans rights and trans-related issues, co-facilitating multiple trainings on SOGI for professionals, organizing informational and educational events for trans communities, LGBTIQ activists and allies, and many other activities.

    Amaranta Gómez Regalado

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Latin America and the Caribbean

    Amaranta Gómez Regalado is Muxhe, Zapotec of the Isthmus of Tehuantepec, Oaxaca, Mexico. She has been a social activist for more than 20 years at the local, regional, and international level in areas of health, sexuality, human rights, and cultural promotion.

    First Muxhe/trans Mexican candidate to a federal deputy for the former Mexico Posible party, recognized by the Federal Electoral Institute with the name of Amaranta Gómez Regalado. Regional Secretary of the International Secretariat for Indigenous Peoples before HIV, Sexuality, and Human Rights (SIPIA), work in which she had the opportunity to convene and organize with other indigenous leaders of the Latin American region to create an articulated strategy that gives response to the problem of HIV from the communities.

    Amaranta has a degree in Social Anthropology, with specialisation in Gender Studies, Sexuality and Human Rights from the Universidad Veracruzana (UV), Xalapa de Enriquez, Veracruz, Mexico. She is a former regional secretary muxhe/trans of ILGA-LAC for Latin America and the Caribbean (2014-2016), former co-director of the International Trans Fund (2014-2017), former technical secretary of the First Municipal Council against Discrimination in Xalapa, Veracruz (2016-2017). Currently, she is a citizen assembly member of the National Council to Prevent and Eliminate Discrimination (CONAPRED).

    Neish McLean

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Latin America and the Caribbean

    Neish McLean is a Jamaican trans activist who is committed and passionate about advocacy for the trans community.

    He is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of TransWave Jamaica, a human rights organization that promotes transgender health and wellbeing. His role involves networking with organizations, applying for grants, organizing events and research. He also brings with him regional and international exposure through his participation in human rights workshops and trainings. As an OutRight International UN Fellow, he participates in High Level Meetings in order to engage the human rights mechanisms and the UN system. He also serves as Vice-Chair to the newly formed United Caribbean Trans Network as well as a member of the Steering Committee for CARIFLAGS.

    He holds BSc in Psychology which helps in his work as a human rights defender while using his lived reality as a man of trans experience to inform his advocacy.

    Vaito’a Peletisala Toelupe

    TvT Regional Coordinator - Pacific

    Ms Vaito’a Toelupe is a proud Fa’afafine from the villages of Malie and Vailele in the Independent State of Samoa. She is a formidable force behind the Trans Movement in Samoa and the Pacific Region with over 10 years of Advocacy and Community Development Experience, as well as a passionate Human Rights Activist who embodies the Samoa Fa’afafine Association's motto Ola Tauivi ma Tautua Alofa ("To Persevere in Life and Serve with Love.")

    Vaito’a is the Technical Advisor to the Samoa Fa’afafine Association, Founding catalyst for the Samoa Trans men Collective "The Roger’s", Council Member of the Samoa National Human Rights Council, Chair of the Community Sector – Social Development Committee, Board Member of the Pacific Sexual Diversity and Gender Network (PSDGN), and LGBTQI/MSM/TG constituency Representative on the Pacific Islands Regional Multi-Country Coordinating Mechanism (PIRMCCM).

    Vaito'a has a BA in International Relations and Foreign Policies from the University of Auckland, New Zealand, and is a Consultant by profession in the areas of Community & Social Development, Climate and Disaster Risk Management, Communications, CSO Institutional Strengthening and Advocacy. As a hobby, Vaito'a is a renown Pacific Couture Fashion designer and Events planner under the label of Onomea Productions with an infectious passion for the Pacific Performing Arts.